About The Boys


Colin Wilson, Dave Eustace and Keith Hunter first got together in December 2003 at Dave’s studio in Melbourne Street, Exeter for a get together and to play some back issues from their youthful past just for fun, and to have a few pints afterwards.
This gathering produced a huge connection of musical energy that led to their first CD “Songs From The Heart” being recorded at “Beatski” Studios in Devon, which was released by Tabitha Records in November 2004, Colin had written the songs and the music and Dave and Keith pulled them apart and added their individual touch to each of the tracks.
By the time this had been put on the market the second album “Carpe Diem” was already written and ready for recording due to Colin’s prolific song writing and was quickly followed by the third album “A Walk in the Park”.
All three albums were picked up by a few independent record shops and a number of downloading companies as well as being played on BBC Radio several times and “Critical Radio U.S.A, one of the tracks was also featured as song of the day on UK Sounds, USA Sounds and OZ Sounds, which gave their music worldwide exposure.

As a result, great interest was now focussed on The Boys From Melbourne Street’s unusual sound and fusion of folk/pop/jazz/rock and Country styles that seem to merge throughout each song, they successfully reached the semi finals of the British Songwriters Competition with a song from their latest CD “If I lost My Mobile” a rocky little number which strangely, edged itself into the folk category, so pick your own genre and it you will be able to find it in the music somewhere.

The Boys have had a very busy time writing, recording, doing live radio shows as well as a tour of the local and not so local music festivals, plus concerts and private gigs which were very well received.
Colin’s songs have a universal appeal about them and they are now have a fan base of people who want to hear their original music played in an easy relaxed style that crosses all the divides and at the same time being able to relate and connect with the lyrics as well as the music.

They have now recorded and produced 4 albums to date “Songs From The heart” “Carpe Diem” ” A Walk in the Park” and their latest release “Ship of Fools” featuring Dave Eustace on Ukulele, additional percussion and guest musicians Chris Billings and Helen Wilson.

Colin’s solo albums include the folk opera “Jan Tregeagle” which is currently being made into a short animation film, “Cloudburst” which was pressed in vinyl and is now a collectors album and “Songs from the Cutting Room Floor” an experimental solo album recording in a shed on a Boss digital recorder,along with his rock/pop albums with the band Desperate Measures “No Batteries Included” and “Desperate Again” of which one track “Winds of War” was shortlisted  for Bravo TV in the U.S.A for a 13 episode war drama.
They plan to re master the first 2 albums and release a Jazz style CD with some new songs, as well as the old favourites
Feedback from their performances has always been positive with particular attention to style and lyrical content; they perform well live under any circumstance and wrap their catchy tunes and sensitive lyrics around their audience. Latest news is they are planning to do a fifth album in early 2018 recording some new material as well as some forgotten and revived songs.

To contact the Boys from Melbourne Street email colinglennwilson@gmail.com